BCoE Image Contents

Our standard image for Windows 11 and Apple computers includes the following software:

Adobe Acrobat Reader Mendeley Reference Manager
Cisco Webex Microsoft 365 for Enterprise
Google Chrome Notepad++
Mozilla Firefox Cisco Secure Endpoint
Cisco Secure Client VLC Media Player

Procurement Guidelines for Non-Standard Computer Purchases

Given the substantial time investment required for formal specification reviews, we allocate time each summer to evaluate and update our recommendations for the upcoming fiscal year. Our objective is to recommend computer purchases that will remain competitive within our ecosystem for at least five years.

While we’re prepared to aid in procuring computers that fall outside our recommended specifications, we cannot offer assistance in researching options, customizing configurations, or comparing and contrasting choices. However, we are more than willing to facilitate the purchase process once you’ve finalized your specifications. It’s important to note that PCs not meeting our recommendations may encounter challenges in handling our environment and might experience extended resolution times for any arising issues.

Student Computer Specifications

The college updates the recommended computer specifications each year and are available at the following:

Computer Requirements

Student/Personal Computer Purchase Requests

Unfortunately, MSU does not offer negotiated pricing on computing hardware for individual purchases by students or staff. While some manufacturers like Dell and HP have established portals for students, the pricing does not differ significantly from other available deals we have observed.

If you are interested in looking at them, you can find them at:



MSU does have a list of software that is available to you, including Microsoft Office. You can find a list of software at:

Mississippi State University ITS

The College of Engineering has a portal that lists available software for specific departments. If your major’s department has software available for coursework, you can find it at:

Bagley College of Engineering Software Portal

Also, on the College of Engineering’s software portal, you will find a link to Microsoft Azure Development Tools. Azure Development Tools (previously known as Dreamspark/Imagine) is available for currently-enrolled MSU students. Licenses are only valid as long as the student is enrolled at MSU.

Student Software Support

We are happy to assist with class-required software during one of the student software sessions on Mondays from 9 AM – 12 Noon and Thursdays 2 PM – 5 PM in McCain 300A. If you are a distance student or are unable to come by during one of the established sessions, please email support at support@engr.msstate.edu requesting a remote session be setup to assist with the software installation.

TeamViewer/LogMeIn/Chrome Remote Desktop

Given the policy against third-party access within the MSU/Engineering networks, we do not support the use of TeamViewer, LogMeIn, or Chrome Remote Desktop. However, we do endorse the native Windows feature Remote Desktop Connection (commonly known as RDP or remote desktop protocol).

Please let us know if you would like to proceed with setting up RDP for remote access.

Wireless Printing

Unfortunately, supporting wireless printing poses challenges due to the logical separation of the wireless and wired networks. It’s not possible to access the IP address of a wired printer from the wireless environment without use of the MSU VPN which introduces reliability concerns. Even under optimal conditions, we have struggled to consistently establish printer connections.

We understand the demand for wireless printing support and wish there were a dependable solution available. However, at present, we are unable to provide assistance in this matter.